District 42

Shira Newman

I am running to represent
District 42 in the Oregon state legislature

Why am I running?I believe we need different ideas. I believe we are not served by the two major parties. Our system continues to bounce back and forth between the two major parties and we are getting nowhere. In Oregon, we don’t even have two viable parties.If you are happy with the job that your representative is doing – by all means vote for him.
If you aren’t happy with him, but want the devil you know – vote for the Republican.
My voice would be a small lone voice in our large legislature to speak for the people.
I am not a politician – I want our government to do as little as possible and to leave us alone.
I hear politicians tell us all the time that they have the answers to all of our problems.
If politicians have the answers, why are we here? If politicians have the answers – why aren’t they implementing their answers? Most of the things politicians want to do can be done without the government – why aren’t they implementing their answers without government?